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I called Pete Simon and within 24 hours he returned my phone call. We set up to meet the next day and Pete arrived on time. He was very detailed about the job he and his workers would do and pointed out some defects that I or my husband had not noticed. Pete is a very personable professional and is quite easy to talk to. After 5 minutes you feel like he's an old friend. I received Pete's proposal on a timely basis as he promised and thought it was a good deal. It took Sergio and John 2 days to complete my project and I can not be happier.

Customer 1

The owner, Mr. Simon,arrived on schedule. We were very pleased with his professionalism and continued evaluation of progress. There was a minimum of disruption to our life.In the future, as we plan to do further remodeling, we will call on Accurate Painting and Remodeling. Price was very reasonable compared with other quotes and he came on budget and on time.

Customer 2

First, my biggest concern was about adhesive and plaster dust and chemical odors getting into the rest of the house, not just because it would be a mess and smelly, but also because my elderly father has chronic respiratory disease. So beforehand, I taped plastic over all the appliances, the shutters in the windows and the doors. When Israel arrived (right on time), he assured me that the smell would be minimal, and he was a good sport about working taped into the kitchen. He did an excellent job--the walls look great--and he cleaned up thoroughly. We did get some essence of solvent--not a smell, but we could feel it a little in our throats--in the rest of the house, but a little cross ventilation aired it out, and my father had no problems breathing at any time. Israel completed the job in the 8 hours allotted and had some valuable recommendations about a plaster repair for the kitchen ceiling. We would definitely consider using Accurate to do additional plaster work in the kitchen and do the painting.

Customer 3

We were very pleased with the services accurate painting provided for us. Israel and Sergio were punctual, professional and did a great job. We are calling Pete to schedule them to do some more work in our home. So happy we found such a great company to make our home look even more amazing!

Customer 4

Pete came out and gave us an estimate for the painting project. He pointed out the stress cracks and said he could have them fixed. We appreciated this because we had not even noticed them. We had 2 other estimates, and his was the lowest. The price in combination with the fact that he pointed out the stress cracks made our decision easy. Pete and his crew were punctual and did a really nice job. We would recommend them and use them again.

Customer 5

Beautiful job. Initially contacted company as a coupon was offered on Angie's List for 4 hours of plastering/painting. Accurate Painting's, Israel, plastered and painted for us. Our belongings were covered in plastic and our floors were covered with paper where necessary. The repair work was very well done. The owner, Pete Simon, was responsive and easy to work with. After this job was completed, I again hired Accurate to do some further interior work - which is currently in progress - including dryw

Customer 6